Welcome to eduID Luxembourg

eduID is a new service which aims to enable access to educational resources across institution boundaries. It solves a few long-standing problems:

Too many usernames and passwords to memorise

If you have a resource that should be accessible by the entire educational community, you previously had to set up your own user management, and people visiting your site had to make up a username and password just for your resource. The amount of usernames and passwords that people have to memorise quickly becomes too much to handle!

With eduID, you can offload user management to a trust fabric: you simply configure your service to allow eduID users in, and the eduID infrastructure takes care of the actual authentication.

The concept of eduID can be compared to the one of eduroam - only this time it's not about network access, but web resource access.

With eduID, Your institution's password works everywhere!

Logging in at every site

Usually, you are asked to login when you enter a protected site. Even if you have the same username and password for many sites, it is still annoying to be asked for it.

eduID is a Single-Sign-On solution: When you log in to the first eduID.lu protected website, you are asked for your password, but after that, your login remains valid across eduID.lu. When you close your browser, you are automatically logged off of all the resources you were logged into.

With eduID, You just login once.