Eligibility for inclusion into eduID Luxembourg

Identity Provider

eduID Luxembourg is an identity federation for users in the education and research community. As the National Research and Education Network (NREN) in Luxembourg, RESTENA Foundation determines whether or not an organisation is considered eligible for the service.

In general, being part of RESTENA's constituency is a litmus indicator for eligibility; exceptions are possible. In case of doubt, please contact RESTENA eduID staff.

Service Provider

eduID Luxembourg strives to make as many services as possible available to eduID Luxembourg users and thus has an open participation policy for Service Providers. In general, every Service Provider who wants to benefit from having a high-class external user authentication for educational and research users, and wants to provide his service to that user base, can apply and is welcome to become eduID Luxembourg Service Provider. RESTENA Foundation however reserves the right to refuse applications in justified cases.

For all further questions, please contact admin@restena.lu.